Breathe Love interview series with Laura Cherry

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Hello, please tell us your name and where you reside?

Laura Cherry and I reside in London.

Please share with us a little about you, describe yourself in five words?

Sensitive, creative, dreamer, warm, determined

Tell us about your journey? What brought you to where you are now?

I’ve always loved dance and music for as long as I can remember. I found it as a way to express myself as I’ve always been mostly introverted. After growing up in a small east Midlands town performing different forms of dance, I was drawn to come and follow my dream in London and went on to gain a BA hons degree in Contemporary Dance and Choreography.

I worked as a professional model for around 4 years after my time at uni, but nothing fulfilled me like dance did, and I found the industry very challenging. I’ve been performing around the UK and Europe as a performance artist, and in 2010 I co-founded The Meyer Dancers (a 1960s Go-Go company) I’m a big lover of the 60s and 70s era! I perform and teach vintage dance in TMD and I’ve always been fond of creating personal style.

In 2014, I had a serious health crash after coming off the contraceptive pill and was very sick. I was ignoring signs from my body for years, I was dancing, but not tuning into myself. My path led me towards all kinds of holistic healing protocols, natural doctors and I changed my lifestyle. Something drew me back to dance and I started to view it as a healing art. It was like seeing it all through a different lens compared to what I’d previously learned. Through daily intuitive dance and somatic self-enquiry, I was able to discover root causes of chronic health issues which massively improved my quality of life. Through my own research and healing journey with intuitive dance, I became aligned with my mission to help others explore dance as a healing art. I was led to Intercultural Arts, who I have been studying Qi Gong and dance with in London.

I founded Rising Soul Dance in 2019, as creative elevating space for people to come together and unite through the transformative power of dance. The inspiration for my brand and logo came from an Erte book, the artwork shows the symbolism of breaking free out of ropes and dancing into the sky.

What has been your biggest inspiration with the work that you do and share?

Music is a huge inspiration for this work, as it has influenced my life just as much as dance. I grew up going to festivals and flicking through my parents vinyl collection – my dad being a punk back in the day and my mum loving 1970’s classic rock and disco. The curation process with the music is a big part of how the sessions are led at Rising Soul Dance – each session is unique and curated to a theme weaving through many musical sounds and imagery for participants to drop into.

What sparks joy in your life that truly lights you up? (This could be big or small).

Connection and unity: This could be at: music concerts, dance, spending time in nature, time with family and friends.

What are your favourite soul or self-care practices right now that you can share with us?

Music therapy has always been on the top of my list alongside dancing – I regularly zone out to the Café Del Mar YouTube live stream from Ibiza and it’s just magical. Moments like these have been a real lifeline during these challenging times. I’m also currently studying a progressive approach to Qi Gong fused with contemporary dance & Laban teachings. This gives a really interesting depth to my practice. To relax in the evenings, I love salt baths, self-massage with oils and herbal teas!

During these times that we are experiencing as a collective, in what ways are you seeing the importance of community?

From the moment the restrictions came into place, I was so grateful that I could translate the work into the virtual space. Initially, I didn’t know how it would translate but I am so inspired by the people who I have danced with in this time. People from all walks of life and corners of the globe coming together to unite through dance – its so lifting and powerful. Feeling a sense of rising together and moving forward despite our challenges.

Inspire our Breathe Love community, share an affirmation, or favourite quote, poem, song or playlist? 

What came to me straight away is the quote:
“Dancing faces you towards heaven, whichever way you turn”
The track would be “Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin. I’ve got three Spotify playlists on my website for different dancing moods if you wanna check those out too. 

What was the last sign you received from the universe (if you had one)?

My nan, who I am very close to is currently sick in hospital with issues related to the lungs – during my Qi Gong class recently, the focus was on the lungs and grief. When I felt everyone moving together, I imagined a tree growing through my nans lungs and clearing them. It was a powerful image.

Share with us something that you are really proud of?

Staying strong throughout this year and moving through challenges. Expanding the online community and connecting with people globally through dance. Moving through fear is what I’ve been doing it a lot, its when I feel the most growth.

What will you never take for granted?

My health

What is your favourite practice that connects you to your heart ki/energy? (Please share a tip, tool or technique to support our wellbeing?

Weaving sounds through the body

  • Pick a track you know very well (either lyrics or instrumental)
  • Note how many sounds/instruments are in the arrangement (e.g vocals, drums, guitar, keys etc)
  • Dance to the track following one instrument or sound each time for the full duration
  • Allow each frequency to move through your body, what are the movement qualities?
  • Write notes after each time you move to compare how different sounds make you feel when you move with them.

Rest the palms of your hands on your heart centre, take a soft breath and share with us a message from your heart?

There is nothing stronger than human connection, allowing ourselves and each other to express our unique gifts. Together we rise…

“Dancing faces you towards heaven, whichever way you turn.”

Tune in to Laura’s offerings:

Breath + Boogie Virtual Workshop – Jan 10
Breathe Love x Rising Soul Dance – Jan 16 IG LIVE
Rising Soul Dance: Feel Freedom in Your Body Weekly Wednesday 8 pm GMT Classes via Zoom
1960’s Go-Go Dancing with The Meyer Dancers – From Jan 24, 8 pm GMT

Laura Cherry

Laura Cherry is a London based creative dance artist, choreographer and dance teacher with a BA Hons degree in Contemporary Dance and Choreography. She also has a coaching qualification from The British School of Coaching. Laura has travelled all over the UK and Europe as a performance artist and co-founded The Meyer Dancers – a 1960’s Go-Go Dance Company in 2010.

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Laura has chosen, Create Arts

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