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Introducing Breathe Love

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Why Breathe Love?

Jasmin Harsono initially created Breathe Love as the title of her intuitive three diamond breath, reiki and sound session. Before teaching her first class, Jasmin visualised large groups of people breathing love into their bodies and sharing this love with those in the room and then into the world and beyond.

The Breathe Love sessions have since reached thousands of people online and offline at workshops, events and festivals like In Goop Health, London and Happy Place by Fearne Cotton.

The session, still Jasmin’s most sought out class helps participants release tension and come into a state of calm, giving them this intrinsic feeling of breathing love into their body, creating a profound healing experience and sense of innate peace. 

Breathe Love is evolving …

Through the years of working in the wellness industry, Jasmin noticed that there wasn’t really spaces where everyone felt invited, seen, heard and listened too. Also, participants of her classes wanted to start their own wellness practise and would reach out to her for advice because they didn’t know how to begin.

Jasmin has now mentored many practitioners, helped them start their practice and supported them with brand identity, design, introductions and pr.

She cares deeply, and her mission is to continue bringing wellness to everyone and help create opportunities for those wanting to become practitioners, experts and guides within the field too.

Ultimately, Jasmin wants to spotlight those that deeply care, good humans that are doing good in the world.

This is what “wellness” really is and so you don’t have to be a “wellness practitioner” to be doing good in the world, it could be anything and here at Breathe Love, we want to showcase and celebrate you.

Breathe Love is a conscious creative collective, a space and gathering of a difference. We encourage open dialogue on a wide variety of topics and subjects. We invite guest experts, wisdom keepers, truth-tellers and heart bearers to demonstrate and share the unique gifts that they offer our world. 

Breathe Love is essentially a platform for us to come together virtually or in-person and not only learn but participate. A sister company to Emerald and Tiger here you will discover blogs, talks, events, workshops, interviews and directory of everyone featured.

Discover unique collaborations and partnerships of people, brands and organisations that Breathe Love in their community. 

We hope you join, participate and spread the word. Community is at the heart of what we do here. Breathe Love is an open-hearted space; all walks of life are welcome here. If you would like to be part of the Breathe Love community reach out via the contact us page. #breathelove