Breathe Love interview series with Jessika Little

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Please share with us a little about you, describe yourself in five words
Endearing, silly, thoughtful, indecisive, reserved.

Tell us about your journey? What brought you to where you are now?
Well, it’s kind of a long story lol. I always wanted to own my own business but at first, I had something totally different in mind. Originally, I thought I would be a pharmacist who owned my own Pharmacy. I was a chemistry major so I always liked the idea of making things and testing and formulating. I was really close to getting into Pharmacy school but I got really, really sick in 2019. At first, I did not know what was going on! I was emotionally and physically a mess. The pain was manifesting everywhere, but it started in my feet. I eventually went to a doctor about my foot as soon I could not bear weight on one of my feet and It got to a point where it was outright painful to walk. To the doctor, it appeared I had sprained my ankle somehow after they took an X-Ray. I always considered myself clumsy so even though I could not recall a particular recent event that would have caused the spring at the time I just chopped it up to me being so clumsy I must have forgotten. I went with this assumption, but a family member I consider a second mother was not convinced of this diagnosis and encouraged me to see what is known as a Holistic Practitioner (someone who is not a doctor but aids in healing by learning a person mind and body). I won’t lie and say I went right away, but I put my head to it and began to research. I began to understand that what I had was called Psoriasis and that I had in fact not sprung my ankle but developed Psoriatic Arthritis in my feet. So here I was covered in scales and flakes. I could not bear weight on my left foot and I began to lose my hair as the scales began to take over my scalp. I felt so low and helpless, it was consuming when I think back on it. When I learned this was an auto-immune disease resulting from a broken immune system, it pushed me to seek out the Holistic Practitioner. I wanted to be treated as a whole person. BOY WAS I GLAD I DID THAT! This is where I feel I really pivoted as a person. I never had any kind of medical assistance where I could sit and talk and walk hand in hand with someone in the ways that would best heal ME! I enjoyed it so much I took notes and journaled the whole first two weeks of my healing journey starting with my very first visit. Even what I ate! It struck something in me so deep that after the first visit with my Holistic Practitioner office I completely abandoned any thought or desire of wanting to be a Pharmacist. I told myself when I got home “Jess you want to help people like really help them, and if you become a Pharmacist, you will never get a chance to help someone the way you were helped today”’. And so I’ve been sticking with that!  You don’t just cure auto-immune diseases, they are a balance you may have to work with for the rest of your life so I am not cured. But I am healing and I love it. I had the knowledge and power to heal myself after my visits with my Holistic Practitioner and I decided I want to be one myself. I am currently in school to become a certified Holistic Practitioner and I’m loving every minute of it! 

My brand Ebony Goddess Mine was already born by this time, but it had a WHOLE new sound after this experience! I now use my platform to give information and create products for people with skin concerns like mine and to breathe life into my audience as someone breathed it into me. My experience with Psoriasis and how I healed turned Ebony Goddess Mine from a skincare brand to a Wellness brand, where I focus on the beauty of every facet of the human experience, not just the skin!

What has been your biggest inspiration with the work that you do and share?
People! Before this, I always considered myself a very reserved and non-sociable person. But with time I’m seeing finding these connections with another human is what’s really keeping me going!

What sparks joy in your life that truly lights you up? (This could be big or small).
My son! He is so full of life. He is a social butterfly and free! I aspire to be that!

What are your favourite soul or self-care practices right now that you can share with us?
I’m really getting into using crystals to affirm what I want to be in my life, to mediate and give energy to me when I need it. The more I learn about them the stronger my belief in them is getting.

During these times that we are experiencing as a collective, in what ways are you seeing the importance of community?
Support, I see that having a community is crucial and helping you get through hard times, emotional physically and even financially if we are to be real. I always considered myself very self-sufficient but these times have shown me that even the strongest of us need help sometimes.

Inspire our Breathe Love community, share an affirmation, or favourite quote, poem, song or playlist?
My favourite quote of all time! Is “Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between two equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.” -Pema Chodron

 I love this soo much because in this life I feel we as humans feel it is natural to assume a sort of hierarchy when being helped or helping. We need to understand this is not OK! You are not above or better than who you help and you are not below or less than those you are being helped by. You guys are at different places. THIS IS IT!

What was the last sign you received from the universe (if you had one)?
I will be starting something new in my business soon and the idea flew into my head at a moments notice. I had to jot the thought down on the nearest piece of paper it came so fast and with such fever, so I wouldn’t lose it. I wasn’t thinking of this particular subject or anything it just came to me after I had already planned something else for my business. I felt it came to me this way because it was a sign that I should do it rather than what I had originally planned. I feel when things happen like that the universe is trying to show you you’re destined for something greater.

Share with us something that you are really proud of?
My growth as a mother. It is a never-ending journey and I’m often super hard on myself about it, but I and my son are building such a strong and open bond. I feel this has been made possible by working on myself and I’ll never stop working for this.

What will you never take for granted?
My sanity.

What is your favourite practice that connects you to your heart ki/energy? (Please share a tip, tool or technique to support our wellbeing?
Being alone, and not doing a single thing. Not listening to music, not watching videos, just nothing. All I do is lay or sit and let my mind wander. I let it take me to happy thoughts of my future, painful memories of my past, just wherever. Until it’s finished. I just get alone and let me speak to me in the best way she knows how. Free from commentary and any distractions. I always feel grounded after I’ve done that. I feel there is great power in finding peace with self you know?

Rest the palms of your hands on your heart centre, take a soft breath and share with us a message from your heart?
Go for what you want, the moment you were conceived you were deserving of this. Let nothing stop you and lord have mercy on whatever gets in your way!

Go for what you want, the moment you were conceived you were deserving of this. Let nothing stop you and lord have mercy on whatever gets in your way!”

Thank YOU for breathing love with us Jessika.

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