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Using colour as a creative by Baljinder Bharaj

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As a creative and colour therapist, colour has naturally been a part of my life from childhood. Anything from brightly coloured clothing, patterns, flowers and artwork has always caught my attention. Colour impacts me daily, and I use it when tapping into and aiding with my wellbeing and self-care routine.

What colours we need, we will intuitively have a calling towards. They lead the way in supporting us with balance and guiding us to what we may need to heal and what journey in life we currently are on. All colours are essentially vibration, energy and frequency.

Intuitively using colour also plays a large role in how I work as a creative artist.

My latest collection ‘Metamorphosis – Transformation series’ is led with intuition in colour and imagery. The colour and images I paint come intuitively as I work on self-healing. The specific pieces in this collection is aimed at bringing balance to each chakra, by using complementary colours into play too.

I will talk you through the specific piece ‘Love is Love’ that I recently produced as part of my collection and how colour played its intuitive role in producing it.

‘Love is love’ came into being when I had a deep calling towards healing my heart chakra. I was drawn towards a deeper connection with myself/nature and mother earth. This took shape in daily mindfulness walks in the woods to connect and heal. Quick sketches with bursts of greens and nature forming shapes is what inspiration flowed after. These shades and tones were appearing in my clothing, what artwork I was drawn towards, what foods I were eating and so I intuitively knew this was a colour scheme I wanted to work with for the piece. With this in mind, I delved deep into the rich green heart-healing tones.

The image of a beautiful unfurling rose came to mind too, whilst silently observing nature on one of my afternoon walks. An opening of the heart came with producing this piece. Green very rarely was a favourite colour of mine, but after any self-healing and artwork being produced, I am always mindfully aware of the shifts in colours I am drawn towards. They always seem to guide me to what I need to place my current healing focus on and I always seem to view the colour associated with the chakra with more love. Green since has become one of my favourites. Colour is the simplest and powerful tool to aid in our self-healing. I hope after reading this passage you are inspired to connect with those colours your intuition is guiding you towards. They are not there by accident.

Our body, mind and spirit hold much wisdom and all that’s required on our part is a willingness to be open, trust and listen I believe.

Baljinder Bharaj is a creative artist, wellbeing practitioner and founder of Moksha Wellbeing  

For more information on how to purchase the artwork featured, head to Baljinder’s website.