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Breathe Love audio series, Rest & Receive Interlude 3 with Jessica Andexer

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We are dropping interlude sessions called ‘rest and receive’ throughout the audio series offering you time to rest and receive in different ways. 

What is an interlude?
1. a period of time or different activity between longer periods, processes, or events; episode or interval
2.  theatre – a short dramatic piece played separately or as part of a longer entertainment, common in 16th-century England
3. a brief piece of music, dance, etc, given between the sections of another performance
(Collins Dictionary)

Our third interlude is with Breathe Love community guest Jessica Andexer. Jessica shares a short nature-based meditation.

Jessica offers wellbeing consultations and training, these are mindfulness, movement and breathwork based, as well as nature connection work, delivered for your mental and emotional health, wellness and resilience.
Her work is neuroscience informed and made accessible to those who may have struggled with self-care, mindfulness or wellness work for any reason.
All her offerings are contained within my decades of experience in mental health work and as a psychotherapist.
This audio is a brief introduction to nature-based mindfulness. Being in nature is well known as having an incredibly positive impact on all aspects of our health, but we are often rushing through, with busy minds not noticing the nature that we’re moving past. Nature-based mindfulness allows us to slow down and receive the goodness being in nature can offer us.
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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” Henry David Thoreau.

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