Breathe Love interview series with Natasha Anderson

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Hello, please tell us your name and where you reside?
I’m Natasha, and I live in West London UK.

Describe yourself in five words?
Curious, Searching, Meticulous, Sensitive, Strong

Tell us more about what you do and how you got where you are today?
I was raised in a big family with an underlying and casual interest in spirituality, herbology, folklore and the unknown. We collected crystals and interpreted each others’ dreams. My nan could charm warts away and we kept Guatemalan worry dolls under our pillow. We all kept angel charms and our home library consisted of books on UFOs, spirits and dreams.

However, it wasn’t until 2017 that I reached my year of spiritual self-discovery. After hitting a huge life block, it became the year I fully realised that some of the spiritual tools I had been taught as a child could be activated and harnessed. I was knocked onto a certain path- thanks to my tarot reader Aunt- where I began learning about my intuition with the medium Jassmine James.

I initially launched Higher Self as a newsletter, intending it to be a platform to explore and have fun with this world. It has now evolved into an editorial website and events platform that spotlights the people leading this community, as well as organic and plant-based beauty and wellness.

Which three words best define your philosophy? (the way in which you like to live life)? 
Free, explorative and living radiantly.

What inspires the work that you do?
I am in complete surrender to the guidance of the universe. I often feel like there is no rhyme or reason to the projects I get involved with, but then I look back and realise I was held by the natural flow of the universe all the way. I’m fully realising that going with the flow allows me to create and live (in the true essence of the word) more.

What does the word ‘Community’ mean to you?
Community is people sharing information, stories and help. Whether online or offline, this sharing between each other is so important. Curating events in collaboration is a key part of Higher Self. One of my favourite collaborations was with Secular Sabbath and the band Rhye on their first London event in 2018, where we brought together UK and US based brands and sensory experiences like Incausa, Sun Potion, Soul Stretch, With T Lovers and more.

Inspire our community, please share an affirmation, quote, poem, song, or playlist?
I am free to explore many journeys, creating space to find my purpose.

How do you best like to be supported by your community?
I love exchanging ideas and thoughts with my community. It’s important for a community to raise each other up.

What truly lights you up?
The feeling of an exciting new idea bubbling under the surface is a feeling quite unlike any other. I find fire in creating and carving out new experiences, aided with the support of regular Kundalini yoga.

What in life are you being called to?
Right now, I’m acknowledging the feeling of slowing down and finding healing in that space. By slowing down, we can make more space to create and truly listen to the inner workings of the universe. I find I’m ten times more productive if my day isn’t filled with appointments and meetings.

What makes you feel empowered?
Everyone has power within themselves, to bring creation and joy to their lives. My personal empowerment comes from knowledge, books and culture. I was speaking with a teacher recently who was telling me how ancient monks were able to manifest successfully in huge numbers.

Have there been any life-changing decisions or sliding-door moments that you’ll never forget?
I was in my final year of university and living with my parents. I went to see a clairvoyant medium for some guidance and clarity about my path. She explained to me that I was going to be on a boat in the middle of a tropical ocean having my photo taken soon.

I had never done any modelling or signed up to an agency, so did not think this was very likely and forgot the reading. Two months later, an agency called my parents’ house asking me to cast for a modelling job in India for a luxury hotel brand. I took the job and spent my 21st birthday on a houseboat on the Indian backwaters.

That experience taught me two important things- that absolutely anything can happen and we should have more faith in our spirit guides.

What was the last sign you received from the universe?
The universe mainly speaks to me in dreams or the sighting of certain animals. At one point I was coming across lots of toads whilst gardening. Toads are a sign of reinvention, something I am doing all the time and find solace in this as an active art form. I find newness in my life every day.

What is something you are really proud of?
Launching the first Higher Self event this year, which sold out. I was so nervous about entering this space but it really was a wake-up call to show up for myself.

“I am free to explore many journeys, creating space to find my purpose.”

What will you never take for granted?
Being alive. After my dad died, I have more respect for my bodily health and this very limited length of time we all occupy.

How do you recharge/relax/unwind?
I get in my garden and nurture my plants, I eat good food. I cuddle my dogs Dre and Lily, two super soft poodle spirit babies that make me feel grounded. On a free day I will drive to a beach and swim in the ocean.

Leave us one tip, tool or technique to support our own wellbeing?
Susun Weed put me onto this, but I love collecting Nettles when I’m taking a walk. I put the leaves in a coffee press with hot water on, then when it’s cool I’ll put it in the fridge overnight to drink as a cold infusion the next day. It’s great for the strengthening of hair, skin and blood. The beauty of nettles is that they’re readily available in most urban green spaces as well as the countryside.

What’s coming up next for you?
I’m always developing new ideas, whether writing, planning a future event or a business venture. Right now, I’m just going with the flow of what has been an unpredictable time in our history and seeing how best my energy can be directed.

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Natasha is the founder of Higher Self, a digital platform exploring all that is, through inspiring editorial, unique content and curated events.

Bringing together the opinions of a high vibe community of artists, teachers and specialists from the world of healing, herbalism, mysticism, movement and more, Higher Self is a journey into self and wellness development.

As well as shining a light on the work of these different experts, teachers and creators, HS also promotes organic, natural and sustainable brands within the conscious community.

Running a busy PR and brand agency, Natasha advocates slow living and connects back with her inner self through the healing properties of nature, gardening, movement, travel and home cooking.

Natasha is currently developing her spiritual abilities through mediumship and tarot and leads talks, guided meditations and journaling sessions exploring magic and dreaming.

We ask our interview guests to share a charity of their choice for us to learn about, support and donate. Please take time to look them up, share their information and make a donation if you feel called to. Natasha has chosen, The Trussell Trust.