Breathe Love interview series with Jade Mordente

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Please share with us a little about you, describe yourself in five words?
Hello! I’m Jade, a Holistic Healer and Mental Health Advocate with a love for Reiki, Tarot, meditation and the cycles of the Moon. 

Tell us about your journey? What brought you to where you are now?
Oh, it’s been quite the journey! 

My practice started as a really young child as I’ve been able to connect with spirit for as long as I can remember – mostly seeing, hearing and feeling energy. My parents aren’t particularly spiritual, so in my early teens, they took me to this incredible intuitive healer who could help me understand all the things I was experiencing at that time. Together we began exploring crystals, meditation and energy healing which really opened up my intuitive abilities and gave me some solid foundations in my practice too.

As I was developing my spiritual self, I went through a period of trauma and so my practice quickly became my support system. I began exploring alternative medicines – everything from herbs to hypnosis – and used crystals, spells and the lunar cycle as my emotional anchor throughout. It wasn’t until 10-years later that I got a diagnosis of Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and so my mental health journey and spirituality have always been completely intertwined. I don’t believe anything is a coincidence, so I took lessons from each of the darker days I faced and held onto the trust that they were leading me to something greater. 

I was actually working in the fashion industry when I came up with the idea to start my business, Jade Like The Stone. I had found myself working in what was supposed to be my ‘dream job’ – yet no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find the fulfilment I was looking for in fashion. I was burnt out, pretty miserable and constantly denying that voice in my little head that was encouraging me to follow my heart. I’m a little too stubborn at times, so I pushed myself to work in fashion until that little inner niggle became a scream and I couldn’t deny it anymore. 

In the summer of 2020, I decided to finally listen! I handed in my notice, moved back to Scotland and begin my own as a full-time Holistic Healer and Mental Health Advocate. The only thing I wish now is that I had done it sooner. 

What has been your biggest inspiration with the work that you do and share?
At the time I needed it the most, the concept of a social platform or community wasn’t available. I remember as a teen (in those pre-Instagram times!) feeling misunderstood and incredibly lonely. That feeling of loneliness got even more prominent after trauma too, and I used to be so hard on myself for not being ‘normal’. I searched and searched for like-minded people or even just information that could explain to me what I was going through – but it wasn’t there. When I launched my business, my only real goal was to create a safe space where people could embrace whatever makes them, them and be free from stigmas or judgement.  

What sparks joy in your life that truly lights you up? (This could be big or small).
A big walk in nature, a dance or sing-along to one of my favourite songs, and love – in all it’s forms! 

What are your favourite soul or self-care practices right now that you can share with us?
A ritual bath will forever be my go-to for an energy reset. There’s nothing more powerful than a sacred space where you can just take off the day and re-connect with yourself, that’s always been a huge staple in my self-care practice.

I’ll pull a Goddess from my oracle deck and fill the bath with a mix of herbs, salts, oils and flowers that will evoke energies that my body needs. I decorate the edge of the bath with crystals and candles, and I’ll usually have Beautiful Chorus playing in the background too. 

Recently, I’ve spent a lot more time doing breath-work sessions and I really can’t recommend it enough – it’s a transformational practice! I love the Breathpod sessions and IG lives – they were a real blessing throughout those bleaker days in lockdown. 

During these times that we are experiencing as a collective, in what ways are you seeing the importance of community?
Community is so important, now more than ever. Since the pandemic hit, I’ve noticed a shift in how people interact with one another too – for the most part, there’s more compassion, more patience and much more consideration for what others may be going through. I guess that constant feeling of rush and chaos has been replaced with slow living and purpose – that ego mind has quietened in a lot of us. Times of struggle really shine on a light on who and what’s actually important, and so I believe that creates a stronger and more supportive community.    

Inspire our Breathe Love community, share an affirmation, or favourite quote, poem, song or playlist?
There’s a poem called Legacy by Rupi Kaur which says, 

“I stand 

on the sacrifices 

of a million women before me 


what can I do

to make this mountain taller

so the women after me 

can see farther” 

It’s a poem that’s always stuck with me since I read her book The Sun and Her Flowers. I believe it’s so important that each generation of women does all that they can to honour the sacrifices of those who came before us, as they really pathed the way for us to live life as we do now. Similarly, I want to make sure I do all that I can to break stigma’s and barriers for the generations that come after me, so they can see further. 

“I believe it’s so important that each generation of women does all that they can to honour the sacrifices of those who came before us.”

What was the last sign you received from the universe (if you had one)?
Whenever I’m hit with a block, I’ll always reach for my Tarot deck – they are like my really honest best friend or a therapist. The last card I pulled was The Star and the message I channelled was “trust the beauty of the present moment – everything will become clear in time.” It was everything I needed to hear in a moment of panic so I am incredibly grateful.

Share with us something that you are really proud of?
Having the courage to follow my heart and walk away from a life that was no longer serving me. I had no savings and no plan B – and it was absolutely terrifying. On paper, I worked at a very desirable company with prospects and stability, plus it was something I had studied for and dreamed of for years, and there I was walking away from it. I was diving straight into the unknown. What I learned was that our inner voice never fails us, and I’m proud of myself for finally listening. 

What will you never take for granted?
Love. For me, giving and receiving love is the most beautiful part of life. I really believe it’s the only thing we really need – and it can come in a multitude of ways. When I think of the happiest times in my life, I never think of what I was wearing or how much money I had or how ‘successful’ I was, I think of love and the way it felt – the purity of it. Love is the medicine.

What is your favourite practice that connects you to your heart ki/energy? (Please share a tip, tool or technique to support our wellbeing?
Self-healing with Reiki always connects me with my heart energy. I’ll often get into a meditative state and visualise a ball of emerald green light shining into my heart space, cleansing any stagnant energy that may have built up in there and showering my heart in love. I’ll do a series of breath-work too – inhaling love and seeing that green light intensify and grow, then audibly exhaling to release anything that no longer saves me. To help get into that deeper meditative state, I’ll play some crystal bowl sounds and use pieces of Green Jade and Rose Quartz on my chest. That can really amplify the experience. 

Rest the palms of your hands on your heart centre, take a soft breath and share with us a message from your heart?
“Embrace all that is you”

Thank YOU for breathing love with us Jade.

Whats coming up next for you?
More learning and growing, always! I have so many dreams for this year, but whatever will be will be – if last year taught me anything it’s to expect the unexpected. In the meantime, I am focusing on expanding my weekly offerings and enjoying every stage of the journey. 

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