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Introducing Magic Words by Rose

By June 12, 2021No Comments

Magic Words by Rose are a team of two, Robin Rose and her daughter Mina Rose. They are passionate about bringing relaxation with dream journeys as an antipole to children’s often stressful daily lives.

Based on feedback from children and parents during this pandemic period, one of their main goals with the dream journeys is to bring relaxation on an emotional, mental level and, above all, to awaken a joy for life that many children miss during this challenging time.

Dream journeys help children switch off from everyday life, relax and transform negative experiences, failures and fears etc. They help children fall asleep with ease, strengthen self-confidence, promote joy and the joy of being together, celebrate other cultures, diversity, and discover the world.

Children experience new possibilities for action in dream journeys, developing creativity and new ideas for play and exploration.

Robin Rose, author and illustrator of the dream journeys, first worked as a primary school teacher for 17 years and now as a yoga and relaxation teacher for over 15 years.

The twelve dream journeys (160min) “Spring Magic” were texted and spoken by Robin.

Mina Rose edited the audios and added music and is responsible for all technical aspects and design. Mina studies Modern dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.

In the twelve dream journeys, the child trusts their intuition and meets dwarves and two elves.

Dream journeys is available as a CD in Swiss German and download in English, German, Swiss German.

Visit their online shop where you will find a lot of interesting information, feedback from parents and children about the dream journeys, audio examples as well as insight into the illustrations and design templates.