R&R Interludes

Breathe Love audio series, Rest & Receive Interlude 1

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We are dropping interlude sessions called ‘rest and receive’ throughout the audio series offering you time to rest and receive in different ways. 

What is an interlude?
1. a period of time or different activity between longer periods, processes, or events; episode or interval
2.  theatre – a short dramatic piece played separately or as part of a longer entertainment, common in 16th-century England
3. a brief piece of music, dance, etc, given between the sections of another performance
(Collins Dictionary)

For the first interlude, Jasmin Harsono shares a 10-minute sound meditation. 

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable to relax. Pop on your headphones and listen to the healing crystal sound bowl frequencies.

“Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” Plato

Listen to R&R Interlude 1 here

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