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Breathe Love audio series, Rest & Receive Interlude 2 with Jade Mordente

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We are dropping interlude sessions called ‘rest and receive’ throughout the audio series offering you time to rest and receive in different ways. 

What is an interlude?
1. a period of time or different activity between longer periods, processes, or events; episode or interval
2.  theatre – a short dramatic piece played separately or as part of a longer entertainment, common in 16th-century England
3. a brief piece of music, dance, etc, given between the sections of another performance
(Collins Dictionary)

Our second interlude is with Breathe Love community guest Jade Mordente. Jade shares a 10-minute sacral meditation. The sacral is the second of the seven main chakras (energy centres in our body)located just below the navel and is associated with the colour orange (for more info on colour therapy head to our blog https://breathelove.co/2021/01/introduction-to-colour-therapy/.

Jade is a holistic healer based in Edinburgh who specialises in Reiki, tarot, meditation, crystals, and the cycles of the moon. Her practice exists to support you through your healing journey; guiding you to connect with your intuition and balance your mental, physical and spiritual energies. As a mental illness activist, Jade believes that holistic healing is an effective practice for our self-care toolbox, and guides her sessions with love and compassion. 

Connect with Jade:

Guidance for this session:
Find somewhere quiet and comfortable to relax.
Pop on your headphones and listen into Jade’s guided meditation

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“The truest expression of a people is in its dances and in its music. Bodies never lie.” Agnes de Mille

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