Breathe Love interview series with David Petrusich

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Please share with us a little bit about you in five words.  Could you describe yourself?
Effervescent, bubbly, deep, curious and dedicated.

Tell us a little bit about your journey, what brought you to where you are now?
I’m David and I am a psychic and evidential medium.  I’m also an astrologer.  I’m an artist, I’m a creator, I’m an Alchemist and a student and a teacher of yoga and specifically, I teach more of the lunar sides of yoga and yoga traditions, but…yeah, I’m from Chicago originally.  I wasn’t ever raised psychic or a medium in that sense at all.  That was all developed naturally over time and I’ve devoted the last 10 years to growing personally, emotionally, spiritually and psychically and medium mystically.  I have a practice that’s all digital.  I work with clients all over the world and my mission is to help normalise psychism, de-stigmatize it, get rid of the fear and help people connect in their own way to the spirit world, you know, in whatever way that means for them as our, our spirituality or connection is also different and unique and yeah, a little bit other things I’ve been working on, an embodiment series lately which is really just for me that I’ve been embodying the different major arcana cards of the tarot.  I started it right after the new year and every week, I switch to a new card and I’m doing the fool’s journey and it’s a self-portraiture project, self embodiment.  I do the makeup, the styling and then I capture the image and I pretty much transform and so the cards.  It’s something that has really gotten me back to identifying as an artist again.  I went to art school.  I almost went into that world, but I spent a long time in the beauty industry and that’s how we met.

I always knew I was going to work for myself and I always knew I was meant to be a teacher.  I also, you know, I teach psychism and then I teach mediumship privately or in community and workshops.  I always just felt that and I always was told by my heart or even before it’s my own…my own spirit guides that it would be around 30.  You know, I’m 32.  My solar birthday is next week.  I just, just kind of had a silent understanding, but, you know, I was in the beauty industry from a really young age, in my late teens all through my ’20s and I was so dedicated and driven and, and I, I climbed the ladder in it really quickly.  I learned great things, but I, you know, it’s…it’s hard to talk about sometimes because I had my spiritual breakthrough and awakening so many times because of that exhausting career, right.  I needed that burnout.  

I needed that stress.  I needed to come away from my artistic nature, right, and my Aquarius rising, queer, weird, you know, against the grain nature to kind of all come back to it in a way.  Dedication, determination and then a lot of failing and falling, you know, I’d burn out a lot of times.  It’s funny as I was getting ready to talk to you today, I was in a memory from years ago when I worked for a company and, you know, we had massive budget cuts and my employees were laid off overnight and, you know, I had no control over that and just the things that happen, you know, in the workplace can be so, so much, no matter what you do, but…yeah, kind of a combination of all of that got me here.  Eventually, I ended up working for, you know, two founders at a small company that sort of, we worked and it was beautiful because I was able to work for this company and bring my metaphysics and bring my spirituality in.  It was a blessing at the end of my career and I always knew that was my last brand or that was my last company and, you know, there were changes.  The company got big, they were going to relocate and it came quite sudden.  The relocation wasn’t for me and my partner and there was new management coming in and I had a really small…really small avenue to look down and leap and step into my own practice and I was scared out of my mind, you know, but I had to just stop fully into my work and I practice and it’s…it’s wild when we’re tested that way.  That’s when the universe and our spirit team and our heart will really show up.  It’s like, are you ready?  Are you going to, you know, I was interviewing and entertaining other jobs, but I just took this step and leap forward and that’s kind of how I’m here.

What has been your biggest inspiration with the work that you do and share?
I think connecting with the spirit plane is my biggest.  So for many years through my practice of witchcraft, Western witchcraft actually and ritual is really how I got into spirituality.  I started learning astrology when I was quite young and then I started learning witchcraft and a little bit of mysticism and occultism and it was in my rituals that I just started hearing voices and it did freak me out.  You know, I like to be really open about this.  We have a lot of fear and concern on some of it is very practical and real, right.  I’m not a mental health professional… 

…but we have a lot of fear and concern around hearing noises and voices, but it was in that kind of potent work of ritual just for myself, whatever I was doing at the time and that I started communicating with the spirit plane and then, eventually I started connecting with my guides more and that’s when my readings changed because my spirit team…they’re the ones that helped me read, write, and then I’ve learned how to connect with others.  So teaching people about that plane, whether I’m going on TikTok live and I’m just like, let’s talk about it, you know, or teaching people how to automatic write or when I work with clients and mediumship and a deceased loved one comes and they prove their existence.  That’s the most inspiring to me and I think it comes from a wound not to get too deep.  Wasn’t, but I think it comes from a wound because for so long, I felt so alone in my spirituality and I was kind of, you know, it was…I was the witchy friend or I was the one that talked to dead people and believed in that.  When I see clients or students or peers, right, other mediums and psychics have that experience, that makes me be like, okay, yeah, this is real, I’m meant to do this. 

What sparks joy in your life?  What really, truly lights you up?  It can be big or small?
Sound current has been so big for me, whether it is a mantra or I’m using seed sounds or if I’m just going intuitively with whatever primal sound my body wants to make.  I’ve learned a lot about somatic healing and somatic therapy.  My teacher of yoga has been learning that modality and I’ve been working with her.  She’s in a three-year program, but she’s kind of used me as a guinea pig as she’s wrapped her first year and so much of that work is just connecting to whatever movement or sound is there online on that like, you know, in the morning, if I need to let out a big, like, ugh, you know, or maybe it’s a joyful noise, just allowing the instrument of my body to make that noise or our bodies really want to make that.  So that’s something I’m really big into that I’ve been and integrating into my practice daily and even when I work with students, you know, when I work with psychic development students, we have a whole week on vibration and I try to get people super comfortable with just making noise in their body because noise is vibration, right.  You know this as a sound healer, right, and, it will move energy around.  I think sometimes even when I teach a yoga class or meditation class, we’re in a group element.  A lot of people are nervous to make the noises, even if it’s just like an OM or a YAM, it can feel silly, but really don’t underestimate the power and then kind of a shorter answer is water like I have…I’m always bathing.  I’m always trying to get into a damn hot tub, like water for me is just so therapeutic and I have a really good friend, Mary Brennan, who is also a reader and one of the first readings she ever gave me, she’s like, “Oh my gosh, your guides are just like…you’re just underwater.  Your soul is underwater.  She’s like the message for you is that you’re clean.  Does that make sense?”  She’s like, you’re clean enough and she’s like, I feel like you’re so obsessed with it.  

During these times that we are experiencing as a collective, in what ways are you seeing the importance of community?
You know, in Seattle here, we went through so much as a community through black lives matter.

We was one of the main cities that were in the media a lot and when you think of Seattle, it’s predominantly very, very white here, right, but there was a lot of needed noise that came out of the city and change and I think when it comes to the US, a lot of people…they think of Seattle as, you know, trees, coffee, weed and radical liberals and we do have all of that, but we’re not just that in a way, but it is very progressive here and, you know, progression often we think of it astrologically, it’s very aquarian.

Sometimes the reason Aquarius isn’t invited to the table is that it’s uncomfortable, right.  That forward motion, but regardless of everything that’s happening kind of socially in America or politically or where we’re at, I saw so much community and support come out of it, you know, even on the other side ’cause we, you know, these are very polarising times.  The third dimension is the physical reality.  It is very polarising, but communities are coming more and more together and we really lost that.  I don’t feel, you know, I grew up in the Chicago land and I don’t really feel that I was born into kind of an era that had a lot of local or small communities.  We’ve lost that through the last century and that’s coming back so much and, you know, last summer, I just saw so many people donating and yes, it could get performative and whatnot, but I mean, donating on the…on the realm or that aspect of somebody doing like a signal boost on Instagram for a trans-person who’s homeless all of a sudden and all of a sudden, we have…we have 80 people on Instagram who are now just donating to this person’s account, right, and we didn’t have that collectively or on the massive scale, you know, even two years ago.  I think more disempowered communities or communities that are not given certain chances and whatnot, have always supported themselves like that.

And when I say disempowered, I mean not from themselves, but from the other, but I think just that kind of that bond of like, oh, we’re all going through a big shift and people are getting sick and the world is changing.  

“You are your best guide, you’re your best compass”

Inspire our Breathe Love community, can you share with us a favourite quote, affirmation or maybe a poem or song to inspire us?
Ahem Prema ‘I am divine love’.

I know that kind of maybe sounds very love and light and stereotypical, but there’s something about that mantra.  I use it in the mornings.  So when I wake up, my mind does not wake up sparkly and effervescent.  My mind usually wakes up kind of crabby and probably wants to sleep actually for long and might not want to meet the day.  So I just start to kind of be very conscious of what songs or thoughts are in my mind, right, and being just aware of like, all right, what’s going on in my mind, the first 30 minutes and how can I reprogram that?  It will set up the day in a certain way.  So whether you’re wanting to work for obstacle breaking, right, or I am divine love or whatnot.  I think we all could be a little bit softer right now.  Call that in. 

Share with us something that you are really proud of?
The first thing that came to the heart is I’m proud of my journey.

I definitely had a lot of voices whether they were of my own doubts, worries and limitations or just in my environment even if they didn’t mean harm, you know, kind of like my mother’s voice, like this is what you need to do and all of that where I, I pushed against the odds.  I’m very proud of my journey and I’m proud of the project, the tarot embodiment project.  It’s…it’s now at 13 different cards and I’m more than halfway through it.  So to see it kind of as a body of work forming and something that I can get printed, right, and submit to galleries.  I haven’t submitted work…artwork like that or identified with artwork in probably seven years.  So I’m very proud of that.  So material and non-material. 

What is your favourite practice that connects you to heart-ki, hearty energy?  Could you share with us a tip or tool?
Yeah, two things.  The first one’s quick, it’s singing.  I am not…I don’t think I’m the best singer at all, but that doesn’t stop me.  I love singing and when I was talking about the kind of, you know, starting to influence the mind and the brainwaves in the morning, I often will just choose a song even if it’s not a traditional mantra and I’ll use that as a way to program, but as you know, right, using the voice, it connects me right down there right away and that’s so easy, and then the second one is I do a lot of shadow work and integration and inner child work.  It’s work that I facilitate with other people, but it’s something that I have to do at least once a week or, you know, if you check my Instagram, I have a lot of inner child skits.  I turn it into comedy, but that inner child, you know, they’re always there in the, what I call the cave of the heart and I use clairvoyance and visualisation to go into that space. I just visualize the door and I go there and, you know, sometimes my inner child is super dandy and content, and sometimes they have messages for me and sometimes they’re upset, but when you connect with them, whether it’s visual or not, you know, there are many ways to connect with the inner child that will immediately put you in your heart space, so.

Rest the palms of your hands on your heart centre, take a soft breath and share with us a message from your heart to ours?
You are your best guide, you’re your best compass.

David is a psychic medium, astrologer, yoga teacher, artist, and alchemist. For over ten years, he worked as a sales leader and educator for major beauty companies. In an industry that awakens so many insecurities, he realised early on that he loved helping others facilitate their own transformations. David’s path as a healer began when he started holding space for others, but his path as an alchemist began when he started holding space for himself.

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