Breathe Love interview series with Lasse Martinussen

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Please share with us a little about you, describe yourself in five words?
I am a clairvoyant healer. 

Tell us about your journey? What brought you to where you are now?One day I found myself somewhere in Hollywood, on the top of a very tall building at a glamorous only members club restaurant, sitting at a table next to Gwyneth Paltrow. A film producer slowly turned, looked me straight in the eyes and said; “are you ready?”.

My story is not the classical spiritual journey, I guess. It’s not the story of the clairvoyant child growing up in the countryside, or the story of the boy with otherworldly healing abilities that’s been helping everyone around him since childhood.

I was just a kid wanting to be a film director. And I wasn’t joking – even when people were laughing about my unrealistically big Hollywood dreams. As a child I found it difficult to express myself, my true feelings and my inner world – so, I thought, through film, I might be able to manipulate reality enough to actually getting closer to expressing how I actually felt and who I was. And then – the World would finally see me and understand me…

So, I started working my way up through the film business in Denmark. I’m from Denmark, Copenhagen in Scandinavia by the way. Working as an editor’s assistant for Lars Von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg and likewise Danish directors, I started developing my own directing skills. And after some years, I suddenly got signed to the biggest production company in Denmark. From there I got to know the business and soon got the attention of a huge production company in the US. And so, I signed a contract and was escorted around in limos, from my small 2-room flat in Copenhagen to the biggest hotels in LA shooting films and commercials around the World from Rio to Paris.

I was living the dream that nobody believed was possible. 

But underneath, I started noticing a little empty and very dark space. A place inside of me. It slowly grew bigger and bigger and I couldn’t really ignore it anymore. It started talking to me through my thoughts, affecting my emotions and my physical body. “Is this life? Is this it? Am I really happy? What am I?” … Questions started popping up by themselves and I felt an increasing tendency of constant physical discomfort and anxiety. 

As a result, my partner sent me to a special kind of energy massage to help me solve my personal issues. I remember that I just walked right in the massage room, having no expectations at all and had no idea what this energy massage was all about. I just thought that a massage in itself would be nice at this point.

I slowly realised that this 3-hour massage was very different from the standard hotel massage. I instantly felt something that wasn’t only noticeable in the body. I sensed a force around me flowing through the physical body and through what felt like my entire existence. A sensation that kept building, rising and constantly morphed and changed. At a point, the energy was focused directly in my heart and just kept building and building, higher and higher, stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper. And then, out of the blue, with the snap of two fingers I was sucked out of my existence, my body, my self – everything that I thought was life and the entire concept of life, including emotions, thoughts, personality, ethics – everything. I felt the strongest presence of love than I ever imagined, connected to the person giving me the massage – a person I never met before in my life. Slowly, I felt an indescribable and eternal, completely unconditional love floating directly to me from a source of eternity, overtaking what was now my existence. The love was then redirected from me and embracing every living thing on this planet with this completely unconditional love.

From this very moment, my life changed. Completely.

The way I understood life and myself, existence, love and suffering. It changed how I was thinking, feeling, smelling, talking, breathing and even my physical appearance started reshaping. 

I began being aware of peoples real emotions in my everyday life and in my everyday meetings with people. I started, spontaneously, being aware of clairvoyance or more precisely clairsentience, which I had no idea what was at that point in my life. And I had the strong feeling that I could help people through healing. 

So, from one day to the next, I naturally quit my job as a director – the dream of my life, the glamour, the money and the champagne – and started my journey as a healer. I applied at The Healer School in Copenhagen, studied for 2 years and am now working as a clairvoyant healer doing 1:1 sessions, distance healing sessions worldwide via Zoom and group healings.

What has been your biggest inspiration with the work that you do and share?
I’m inspired by how deep and incredibly close you can get to another human existence within just seconds. 

I always start a healing session by tuning into the person in front of me through clairvoyance – I feel the emotions and the past experiences of the person in front of me inside my own body and my own emotions. I use myself completely as a tool. 

After tuning in and sharing I start doing the actual healing where I deeply feel, listen and work with the energy. This is where I get even closer to the energy and the soul of the person, which makes the work in itself an incredibly beautiful and unique experience – totally different and deeply personal each time.

What sparks joy in your life that truly lights you up? (This could be big or small).
Meditation is key and being aware of my existence and what I experience really just throws a very humorous and divine light on everything. It can make me laugh out loud – when I’m all alone – like a complete psycho!

What are your favourite soul or self-care practices right now that you can share with us?
Taking meditation very serious and being very disciplined about it is above all. It’s crucial to understanding and working with energy. It’s key to a deeper understanding of yourself and the manifestation of peace in your life – even when going through rough times.

During these times that we are experiencing as a collective, in what ways are you seeing the importance of community?
I find it extremely important to get out and socialise as soon and as often as it’s possible and allowed. Don’t hesitate. And, at the same time, I find it just as important to lock yourself up by your own will (not because of lockdown) – purposely isolate yourself alone, in a house, in a room, in the forest and allow yourself to feel all emotions that want to come out – do not hold back. And then, go back and be social and listen and connect.

Inspire our Breathe Love community, share an affirmation, or favourite quote, poem, song or playlist?
I wish for my friends and family and the people that I know, and also for all of the people that I don’t know, and to all of you reading this to get through all the hard times that they don’t tell me or others about.

What was the last sign you received from the universe (if you had one)?
There’s constantly signs everywhere from the universe, the highest consciousness, the collective consciousness, Tao, God or whatever you prefer calling the highest principle that you believe in or that you can imagine. 

Share with us something that you are really proud of?
I’m proud of the fact that I’m really good at making decisions and believing strongly in them.

What will you never take for granted?
All of it.

What is your favourite practice that connects you to your heart ki/energy? (Please share a tip, tool or technique to support our wellbeing?
Sitting on the floor, closing my eyes and with my thoughts, I focus on the heart. I then re-focus very quickly, before my mind starts to wander – which means I re-focus every 1-2 seconds. If you continue like that for a while and are very disciplined in the constant re-focusing – you’ll start discovering a very deep activation of the heart (or the spiritual heart) on a sensational level that feels beyond your existence. 

Rest the palms of your hands on your heart centre, take a soft breath and share with us a message from your heart?
You’re taking everything way, way, way too serious.

“There’s constantly signs everywhere from the universe, the highest consciousness, the collective consciousness.”

Okay heal me is the online space of clairvoyant healer Lasse Martinussen, with the purpose of helping people through healing, distance healing and group healings.

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This interview was written in early, 2021.

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