Breathe Love interview series with Kirsty Gallagher

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Tell us about your journey.  What brought you to where you are now?
I guess I would say that very cliché thing of I guess it was always just written in the stars that I was going to end up working with Astrology with the moon.  I remember becoming fascinated with Astrology at such a young age and one of the first-ever books I remember receiving was probably 11, 12 maybe.  It was Parker’s guide astrology book and just always been fascinated by otherworldly things and even in high school and then in early working life, I was a real non-conformist.  I didn’t understand rules and I didn’t want to live by so many.  I just didn’t understand why we couldn’t work hours that suited us to work and why there was just so many regulations that just seemed to be put there for the sake of being put there and for no other reason at all and I’ve always been very…I suppose fascinated and mesmerized by the spiritual, by the magical side of life.  I’ve always been inquisitive and curious that led me to a journey of becoming a crystal healer and reiki healer and regressional therapist and studying everything I could get my hands on around all that kind of thing until I became a yoga teacher about 13 years ago now and that seemed to give me a lot of answers to a lot of questions I had about life in general.  But then even in my yoga teaching, I started to explore more than around nature influences, the solstices, the equinoxes, how nature was moving, how we could move more in alignment with nature, with rhythm, with cycle, and then to the…to the moon.  I learned or started my work with the moon at the same time I was doing my yoga teacher training in 2009 and that’s where then my real love affair and fascination with the moon began and so I started weaving that then into daily life, eventually teaching workshops and that, and eventually kind of blending it all together now in some form.

Tell us what your biggest inspiration is with the work that you do and share?
Empowering women.  It’s one of the reasons I was put on this earth is to bring women back home to themselves, back into alignment with a rhythm and a flow.  Life is not meant to be linear.  We have lived in this masculine linear world for so long now and in and this is a whole other conversation, but in this patriarchal world now for so long and it’s time to end.  It’s time…it’s time for a more feminine way of living and being and doing and treating each other.  Even if we look at the last year, the way we’ve treated the world, the earth, has not been working.  The way we were living was not working, the way we were treating each other was not working and so I am passionate about empowering women to understand the absolute power that lives within every single woman, like the magic strength, the power, the intuition, all these things that we’ve mainly been taught are not real or don’t matter and like we’ve got to start reclaiming them because that’s one of the…I won’t say the only thing, but one of the only or biggest things that’s going to move us forward from the situation we’ve been in.

Tell us what sparks joy in your life, that really, truly lights you up.  It could be big or small?
The work I do in the world, like being…whether that’s with my Lunar Living sisterhood, whether it’s on the soul space classes when I’m on purpose inflow.  That’s when I move out of my own way and just let that energy come through, that’s when I feel most alive, right.  In those moments there when there is nothing else, but that energy and then connecting into that same source of energy myself, it’s…it’s, you know, the friends…now we’re able to mix, I saw this weekend a friend had a birthday, and so few of us got together and a couple of the girls were asking me why I don’t drink.  I have not touched alcohol for like, I don’t know, 15, 16 years and it was because the only way I could describe it to them was the…any time I can close my eyes, put my hand over my heart and I can find me.  I can drop in even in the midst of drama and some days it might take me a couple of minutes to get in there…

During these times that we’re experiencing as a collective, in what ways are you seeing the importance of community?
I think the community is everything and I’m hoping that people are starting to come to realise that that again, if we even talk about those masculine, feminine entities, where the masculinity tends to be more eye focused and more…what can we get from this, and if I’m out for myself and it’s after going after what I want, whereas the feminine energy is about collaboration, it’s about the collective, it’s about how can we weave this together and I write about this in Lunar Living as well, but back in the days, women would have gathered together, to bleed together.  Women would have had that connection where we held space and said, “What do you need right now, are you okay, is there anything I can do for you?”  And it’s that sense of not being alone and I feel like the times we’ve been through at least gave us that to an extent that we knew that we were all in this together.  That however you were feeling, you weren’t the only one feeling it and it gives us that sense that we are…one of the fundamental things that all humans need is a connection…is connection.  It’s what we’re here for is a connection and so I just feel like it’s shown us that we aren’t in this alone and the importance of having a like-minded community around you and that we are stronger together.  We are…it’s…it’s no longer going to be about out for self now, it has to be about how can you and I come together to do this because together we’re going to be stronger, we’re going to be more powerful, we’re going to make more of a difference.  If I rise on my own, that’s not going to help anyone.  I want to help everybody around me rise so that we can help everybody out and then off, off the rise and go, so rather than being, how can I keep rising, earning, going?

Tell us one thing that you would never take for granted?
I’ve got to say freedom’s very high up on my values anyway and the freedom to just be able to go see family, the freedom to be able to go to the supermarket when you want to, the freedom to be able to get on a plane.  All of those things that we so took for granted that now…how, how, how many people enjoyed simply meeting up with a few friends this weekend outside in the sunshine, like that was pure life, right?  That was the biggest amount of joy you could ever have experienced.  You could see it on everybody’s faces.  It was…it was a joy whereas before we’d be like, “Oh hey, you’re going to be at the party.  Yeah, sure.  Okay.  I pass by and meet you” and we would have gone but we wouldn’t have appreciated that moment at all.  So I think…yeah, for me, just freedom.  The freedom to be able to live how I want to live and do what I want to do when I want to do it.

What is your favourite practice that connects you to heart energy, heart key?  Could you share with us a tip or a tool?
Just listening, just listening, just listening to heart every day, checking in with heart every day and I know that if ever I go a couple of days of not listening, that the first thing I’ll hear when I tune back into my heart, it’s like my heart kind of be like, where have you been, why do you leave me, where do you go, what happened?  It’s so important to keep…I often speak about our heart being our true North and about the heart just being what keeps us in alignment with that and if we’re not listening to our own heart and our own true North, we are then just…and I’ve mentioned this a few times today.  It must be a theme where I’m kind of bringing through today, but we’re then following other people’s true North.  We’re following what other people dictate to us, what other people want us to do or how they want us to behave or what they want for us and then we get out of alignment which is when we then feel so lost and so, we wake up one day and look around and don’t recognise where we are anymore.  We get small, we get afraid to speak.  We…not knowing who you are for me, is one of the greatest.  I can’t even give it words, tragedies are almost in life and it just begins very often.  A lot of people say, “Well that…how do I start with that?”  And yes, to go from not knowing who you are at all to suddenly knowing yourself, it’s a journey and it’s not easy at all.  It’s not any…it’s not an…if it was this easy, everyone would be doing it.  It should be something that’s taught in schools.  Simply checking in with yourself every day, because most of the time we don’t want to check in because we don’t want to listen because you know that little voice in there is going to tell us that we’re in the wrong job or in the wrong relationship or in the wrong country or in the wrong environment where we were believing in the wrong things, putting our sense of self-worth in the wrong areas, but then that means then we’ve got to start to make a change and then the whole time, we can pretend that we don’t know about that.  We can pretend it’s someone else’s fault and we can live in this world of make-belief was as soon as we know that, we then have to take the responsibility to make the change and that’s when it becomes a, terrifying, but, the most exciting ride of your life when you get to realise that you’re in control of your entire life. 

“The most exciting ride of your life when you get to realise that you’re in control of your entire life.”

Kirsty Gallagher is a moon mentor, soul alignment and transformation coach, yoga teacher and meditation teacher with an infectious passion for life. Kirsty is also a 3 x Sunday Times bestseller for her book Lunar Living and has just released her new book Crystals for Self Care and an online crystal shop called Soul Emporium.

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