Join us for our Breathe Love events

Breathe Love events is where our journey began, for people to feel, see and hear themselves, to be part of the energy and conversation.

Breathe Love collaborate with and support wellness practitioners, experts, and all people, brands and organisations who breathe love into their community.

We curate events upon the feedback of what our community is searching for.

If you would like to list your event here, or would like us to curate an event or you'd like to collaborate with us, please get in touch via the contact page.

See below all upcoming events

Tuesday 21st September 2021, 09:00 BST

Breathe Love x Hello Love collaboration on World Gratitude Day. Gratitude panel discussion, workshop + breakfast. All proceeds go to Hello Beautiful Foundation. With Wellness experts Mira Manek, Emma Lucy and Jasmin Harsono
Panel discussion, workshop + breakfast.
Holborn, LondonBook now

Thursday 20th May 2021, 19:00 BST

Breathe Love workshop with Jasmin Harsono. Breathwork meditation, Reiki, Sound bath & Journaling
Meditation, Reiki, Soundbath & Journaling
FRAME, FitzroviaBook now

Thursday 6th May 2021, 18:30 BST

Breathe Love live on Instagram with Nicola Geismar
Free Your Spine class

Friday 16th April 2021, 18:30 BST

Breathe Love live on Instagram with Sophie Bickerstaff
Collective Tarot reading

Thursday 28th January 2021, 20:00 GMT

Breathe Love monthly virtual Energy and Sound meditation with Jasmin Harsono
Three diamond breath meditation and soundbath

Saturday 16th January 2021, 09:30 GMT

Breathe Love live with Laura Cherry on Instagram
Rising Soul Dance workshop

Sunday 31st January 2021, 16:30 GMT

Breathe Love live with Glenda Allaway on Instagram
Renewing harp music